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Welcome to our Homeopathy services at Tobib Healthcare managed by Homeodenaf Kenkou.
We are dedicated to providing personalized and holistic healthcare solutions to promote your
well-being naturally.

Our team of certified Homeopathic physicians are committed to
understanding your unique needs and guiding you on a journey toward optimal health.
They have done their degree in Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical
Sciences at University of Cyberjaya and they have done their clinical training at Dr. M.L
Dhawale Memorial Trust Hospital, Palghar, India

Homeopathy is a natural and holistic approach to healing that is based on the principle of “like
cures like”.  It involves using a high diluted substances from plants, animals or minerals.

Homeopathy focuses in individualized treatment, considering a person’s physical, mental, and
emotional aspects for a more comprehensive health and well-being.

About homeopathy

Dr Samuel Hahnemann

(A German physician and the founder of Homeopathy)

Key services we offer to you

1. Individualized consultations. Our Homeopathic consultation are tailored to you. During
the comprehensive session, our Homeopath take the time to understand your
physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This holistic approach enables us to
prescribe remedies that address the root cause of your symptoms


2. Treatment for various condition. Homeopathy can be effective in managing a wide range
of acute and chronic conditions. Whether you are dealing with allergies, respiratory
issues, digestive disorders, skin conditions, or emotional challenges, our homeopathic
treatments aim to stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities
3. Constitutional prescribing. This involved in selecting remedies based on overall constitution, considering factors such as personality, lifestyle, and predisposition. This effectiveness of the treatment
4. Integrative healthcare. We believed in collaboration and integrative healthcare. At Tobib
healthcare, our mission is to empower you on your path to health and vitality. Our
homeopathic physicians work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure
comprehensive and well-coordinated care for our patients.