Performed by massaging with specific pressure along the meridian channels/energy pathways on the body. It is believed that each meridian channel correspond to different organ systems and by pressing them has a beneficial effect to the internal organ systems, body posture & sciatica and person’s general health. The primary goal is to keep positive energy flowing through a person’s body while helping one to achieve a greater level of consciousness.

Type of Body meridians Massage Provided

  • Posture Massage

    A massage technique to relax and loosen the muscles sore made by bad posture, allowing the body to position itself in its natural and pain-free-posture. It allows the body to reinforce healthy and natural movements and helps the body back on track.

  • Meridians Massages

    A massage technique which in a form of energy medicine that utilizes the meridian system of Chinese Medicine. It is performed with gentle, mindful contact to acupressure points combined with self-care practices and lifestyle changes that promote harmony of body-mind-spirit.


  • Improve immunity due to enhanced lymph flow

  • Hormonal regulation for weight management, fertility and mood enhancement

  • Better cardiovascular health

  • Improved organ system function

  • Increased energy

  • Reduced digestive discomfort

  • Improved mental wellness

Therapy Duration

Estimated 1 to 1.5 Hour

Therapy Charges


Body Meridians Massage package

(Specific points of Foot Reflexology | Full Body Meridian Massage)


per Therapy Session

Acupressure package

(Respective area of Neck | Shoulders | Hands | Legs)


 per Therapy Session

Therapeutic Meridians Massage package

(Full Foot Reflexology | Full Acupressure | Full Body Meridian Massage)


per Therapy Session