Sinusitis GURAH Training

Course Title

Sinusitis GURAH Therapy Entrepreneurial Course

Course Category

An intensive and comprehensive clinical course covering concept, theory & practical

Course Syllabus


  • Sinusitis analysis & business opportunity

  • Sinus & Sinusitis theory – Anatomy & physiology, symptoms, causes, treatment, control etc

  • Sinusitis Gurah Therapy  –  Guidelines & Compliants

  • Sinusitis Gurah Therapy – Clinical Infrastructure & facility requirements

  • Sinusitis Gurah Therapy – Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

  • Sinusitis Gurah Therapy – Hands on practical training (compulsory for each participant)

Standard Package


  • Course certificate issued by Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat (Ministry of Education Malaysia)

  • Provides course notes, complete practical tool set & appropriate consumable items

  • Provides Food & Beverages – Breakfast, lunch & high tea

Value-added Packages


  • Membership registration of Acu-Bekam Association of Malaysia (PABM) and Cooperative Complementary Medicine Practitioner Limited (KPPK)

    • First Year Membership Fee       @ RM200/person

    • Subsequent Year Renewal Fee @ RM150/person

  • Entitlement for appointment as Tobib Healthcare Mobile Therapist & Stockiest

    • One-time Membership Fee @ RM2,000/person

    • Annual Renewal Fee           @ RM500/person

  • Purchase of  Tobib Healthcare Corporate Shirt @ RM 70/piece

  • Purchase of Sinusitis GURAH Therapy Kit @ RM120/set

Competency Level


Sinusitis GURAH Herbs Powder TherapySinusitis GURAH Herbs Drops TherapyTOBIB HEALTHCARE Herbs & Botanical Products 

Course Duration


1 Day

(8 Hours)

1 Day

(8 Hours)

1 Day

(8 Hours)

Course Fee