Performed by cleansing and removing dirty, toxic and multi-functional mucus by inserting a special herb powder into the patient’s nostril. Efficacy of herbal powder will stimulate the opening of the blocked cavity into the sinus cavity and act to help remove dirty mucus due to viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Filthy slime will come out through the nasal cavity and mouth so that the entire breathing, the digestion will be clean and relieved.

Disease Symptoms

  • Frequent colds and nasal drip

  • Sneeze every morning / exposed to dust

  • Smelly breath

  • Itchy & myopic eyes

  • Acne

  • Headache / migraine

  • Hair loss / dandruff

  • Acne upfront, chest and shoulders

  • Itchy nose / face when eating seafood


  • Relieves sinus problems

  • Releases breathing

  • Removes the sputum & phlegm

  • Softens the voice

Therapy Duration

Estimated 30 to 45 Minutes.

Therapy Charges

Basic GURAH HERBS Therapy

 Age < 12 years. 

RM50 per Therapy Session

 Age > 12 Years. 

RM70 per Therapy Session

Advance GURAH DROPS Therapy

Restricted for Age > 17 years ONLY! 

RM90 per Therapy Session